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I've always been the kind of reader who carries a book with them everywhere. I never know when I'll have a few minutes to immerse myself in a story, so I stay prepared. A few years ago something inside me blossomed and I've become the kind of reader that could be described as voracious, averaging over a book a week, mostly in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I read everything in those genres from classics to new releases.

I like to challenge myself to broaden my horizons, so for the last two years I have joined challenges at Worlds Without End to help guide my reading. From challenging myself to read more woman-authored books to sampling a genre that I had written off as fluffery (this year that's the steampunk subgenre), I love having an organized way to decide what to read next. With a library of about 1500 books I need the help, but I'm never afraid to reorganize my reading schedule for something I'm truly excited about.

Review policy:

If you think I might like your book or a book you're marketing, please send me an email at apizzagirl [at] gmail d*t com (you know the drill). I am pretty picky when it comes to books (despite the number of cat books that end up in my library), so let me know why you think I, specifically,  would enjoy your book.

Genres I read: Science Fiction (all types), Fantasy (all types), LGBTQ (especially scifi/fantasy, romance elements ok, not erotica), Slipstream/Weird/New Weird/Bizarro/Magical Realism

Genres that I sometimes read: YA, literary fiction (probably not unless it falls close to or in one of the above genres), Horror, Thrillers, Paranormal Romance

Genres I do not read: Romance, Christian, non-fiction

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