Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ten Books I'm Reading This Fall

It's Tuesday again and I'm still enjoying these thought exercises, so hopefully you are too. Here's a link to the host blog The Broke And The Bookish where you can browse other Top Ten Tuesdays if you are so inclined.

As the year is wrapping up, I have to buckle down and get some of the books from The Spreadsheet read if I hope to complete all of my challenges. I'm down to 8 critical books for my challenges and I'm adding on two from my Audible TBR pile to round out the list.

In alphabetical order:

This is not my first run at Catch-22. The first time around I finished about twenty pages and couldn't keep going. The circular thinking was driving me crazy and I didn't see how I could possibly read an entire book of it. However, I tend to be able to get through books in audiobook that I would never be able to complete in print, so I picked Catch-22 up at an Audible sale and am going to try again.

Airships make me fall asleep (except in Leviathan by Scott Westerfield), and even though the first book in this series didn't have too many airships, they still made me feel sleepy. So, even though I liked Soulless, it's taken me a while to get back around to Changeless. Fortunately for it, it fits into three of my challenges: The Unloved, Subgenre Focus, and Read the Sequel. Maybe coming off of this one I'll have the momentum to read the rest.

My husband just finished this book and really liked it, so, with the television series looming, I've decided to join the swell of people reading the book. I like space opera and hard scifi, so I know I'll like at least half of it. For the other half, detective stories miss me about 50% of the time.

Of All Possible Worlds is my pick for 1955 in The Definitive 1950s SF Challenge and the last of that challenge that is critical to get read this fall (the challenge lasts into next year). I don't have a lot of expectations because I don't know much about the book. I've decided to keep it that way for the fun of discovering the book without baggage.

A PKD winner and that's enough to keep this on my list. I don't always like PKD winners, but I almost always appreciate having read them.

I love transhumanism as a theme and am surprised that I haven't gotten to this book sooner. Se la vie. So so many books to read. Have I posted pictures of my library yet?!

I own a lot of China Mieville books, especially given that I've only read Perdido Street Station. I swear I will get to all of them at some point!

I'll be honest, the blurb for this book is near gibberish, but ¿maybe? the kind of gibberish that I could groove on.

I have vowed to read more horror because I find that much scary scifi/fantasy is buried in the "horror" section (and visa versa). This one looks to be interesting, plus it has creepy kids. Who doesn't love creepy kids?

A Hugo Award winner about cloning in a post-apocalyptic world, this has also been on my list forever. It's pretty short too, so hopefully I won't get bogged down by reading it in print (rather than on my Kindle, which seems to be the only place I get things done lately).


  1. I just finally picked up a copy of Soulless, though I've been wanting to read it for a while; I've heard a lot of good things about that series. It didn't make it onto my Top Ten, but I'm still hoping to get to it this fall. My TTT.

    1. I only picked it up for my steampunk challenge, but was surprised at how much I liked it.

  2. This is a really cool list. My husband loves the Corey books, but I'm less into hard science fiction than he is. I keep trying to read Catch-22 and mean to finish it some day. I've read all the Soulless books. They are fun reads if you want something light.

  3. Looks like a really good list of books. If I could shop your list, I'd pick up the Tenn and that PKd winner I've never heard of. I really, really enjoyed that Wilhelm, even though I'm starting to conclude that she's really just not sarisfied until she kills off the majority of the world (and who can blame her?) and The Scar is just fantastic, particularly the main character, Belis, who is just fab and one of my favorite female characters, which kind of bothers me bc she's written by a dude, and I don't know if he intended for her to be a fan fave or just an ambiguous antihero. Can't be helped, though, she keeps it real. Ah, and the Vinge... I really need to try one of her books soon.

    1. The Vinge can't possibly be bad with that gorgeous cover, right?!

    2. The Vinge can't possibly be bad with that gorgeous cover, right?!